Week 16 Master Key Class 2018/2019

This week it has become clear that how we feel about anything, is the biggest determining factor, as to what will manifest or show up in our life. Feeling brings life or vitality to what ever we are thinking. When I really grasp the thought I can choose how I want to feel about something, and that will bring about, wither it is good or bad, depending again on how I choose to feel about it. It becomes even more clear how important it is to be aware of not only what we are thinking, but how we are feeling about it. So again it feels great to catch the negative thoughts coming in. Stopping and choosing to think how ever I wish to think.

All this week, when something happens, I hear something, or someone says something to me that is not to my benefit, for my purpose. I say quietly to myself, I am Whole, I am Perfect, I am Strong, I am Powerful, I am Loving, I am Harmonious, I am Happy. Then I repeat that over and over, I will say it backwards and forwards and really think about what each word means to me. This has been an amazing week, the things that are showing up, unexpectedly, (well I should not say unexpectedly) as when I am choosing my thoughts, with feeling, because that is what is.

I always keep my promises.

Don Nicholes


3 thoughts on “Week 16 Master Key Class 2018/2019

  1. Letting the beautiful thoughts in and attaching a new emotion to those that don’t bring blessing or benefit? Sounds super clear and powerful. You ARE whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and living under a clear, sunny sky! I read this a couple times to let the idea sink in a bit more. Thank you.

  2. That affirmation has gotten me though many stressful times and sleepless nights over the years. I”m glad it’s powerful for you, as well!

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