Master Key Week 9 2019 /2020

3 people that are special to me, graduated this week and went on to the next adventure. The company I have been working with for 2 years and built up a significant income with, closed its doors this week. Because I know there is something good about everything. My first thoughts were, wow not sure what all this means other than there has to be something better or something else I was meant to be doing. Guess what a phone call came in yesterday afternoon and I am leaving tonight to go see what sounds like something even more amazing than what I was doing. It is all good, I am whole, I am perfect, I am Strong, I am powerful, I am loving, I am harmonious, I am Happy, I am Healthy, I am wealthy

I always keep my promises

Don Nicholes


1 thought on “Master Key Week 9 2019 /2020

  1. Coincidence or divine providence that you’re going through the master keys at the same time all of these changes are happening? The timing is probably perfect for you. I hope that the phone call was a dream come true. If not, you will be fine as you are strong, powerful, etc. etc.

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