Master Key Week 13 2019/2020


I have heard it said many times in the past. How can I give? If I have nothing to give?

This popped out at me this week, Giving is mental process.

“13:22 we will get exactly what we give, but we shall have to give it first. It will then return to us many fold, and the giving is simply a mental process, because thoughts are causes and conditions are effects; therefore in giving thoughts of courage, inspiration, health or help of any kind we are setting causes in motion which will bring about their effect.”

Makes me really understand how important it is to not wish bad or evil on anyone or anything. The mental diet takes on a whole new level of importance.

We can all give and give freely. Give with out expecting anything in return. Everything we are doing in the MKMMA is building strength to be the best “Self-Directed Thinkers” We can be.

“25. In creating a Mental Image or an Ideal, we are projecting a thought into the Universal Substance from which all things are created.”

We are giving, as thought is cause and conditions are the effect. We all have what is necessary to give.

I always keep my promises.

Don Nicholes



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