Master Key Week 16 2019/2020

35. Visualization must, of course, be directed by the will; we are to visualize exactly what we want; we
must be careful not to let the imagination run riot. Imagination is a good servant but a poor master, and
unless it is controlled it may easily lead us into all kinds of speculations and conclusions which have no
basis or foundation of fact whatever. Every kind of plausible opinion is liable to be accepted without any
analytical examination and the inevitable result is mental chaos.

I find now when my imagination begins to run wild, I am now more of an observer, so I catch myself. I stop take in a few deep breaths and choose what I really want to think. I find it interesting to observe others who are in the throws of letting their imagination run wild. I then give thanks that I am observing and have a choice as to how I want to respond, not react.
I always keep my promises.
Don Nicholes


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