Week 1 2018/19 Master Key Class

Just read my week 1 post from 5 years ago. Feels like it was ages ago and then it seems like it was just yesterday. I feel much more relaxed starting this class.  Maybe it is because I know what to expect. I recall there being times I did not think I was going to get it all done. Now I am feeling excited about really digging in and making the most of the next 26 weeks. I am sitting in a Hotel room as I am traveling for the second weekend of class starting. I brought all my reading and study material, I am committed to honoring the commitment’s to maintain my scholarship. I may have to watch the recorded webcast, like I did last week end on a plane returning home. Technology is amazing these days, we can be at 39,000 feet in the air, traveling at several hundred miles per hour watching a prerecorded webcast on our smart phone. Time to bring this day to an end. See you next week.

I always keep my promises.

Don Nicholes


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