Week 22 Master Key Class 2018/2019

The analogy of human life process being  made up of the taking in of  nutrients necessary for the construction of healthy cells and then the breaking down and excreting of the waste material. We find that most of all disease is caused by the failure to properly eliminate the waste. So I see a very good visual of the challenge we have with the primary essence of life “thinking”. It seems that our challenge is not so much the taking in of good thoughts, it is the elimination of the negative or bad thoughts. Then I see that it is choosing and being aware of the choice, to think good thoughts, or thoughts of what we want, not what we do not want.

Our exercise this week, really brings to the forefront that the mistaken thoughts we have that God, Omnipotence, or Infinite is some where out there in the either, is a big mistake, it is closer than our breath, closer than our hands or feet, it is in us, we are it, or a small part of it, however, one and the same. WOW

I always keep my promises.

Don Nicholes


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