Week 23 / 24 Master Key Class 2018/2019

4. The forces of life are volatile; they are composed of our thoughts and ideals and these in turn are molded into form; our problem is to keep an open mind, to constantly reach out for the new, to recognize opportunity, to be interested in the race rather than the goal, for the pleasure is in the pursuit rather than the possession.

The last couple weeks have been, a ebb and flow. One day is going really good then, followed by a challenging day. Listening to the chatter in my head, backing off and being the observer, then recognizing, that I am creating all that is happening. One moment I want to run and hide the next I want climb up on a mountain and shout. I see the cement attempting to creep back on and cover up the Golden Budda, then realizing that is just the old making an attempting to not let go. One step at a time, one conscious thought at a time. I am whole, I am perfect, I am strong, I am powerful, I am loving, I am harmonious, I am happy.

I always keep my promises.

Don Nichole


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