About donnicholes

I was born and raised in Mexico. Moved to the US at age 14. Started a business, bought a home, got married and had my first child at 19 years of age. Not something I recommend that anyone do. I have been in business for myself or managed other businesses all my life. I have had some really good successes in business and I have had some not so good. In reflecting back, I am grateful for all the experiences I have had, as they have taught me much. I always told myself since I was in High School, that I would not wait until I was old and retired, to enjoy my life. I am a private pilot, very proficient snow and water skier, absolutely love Scuba Diving, so much I became and instructor at one point. I have traveled all over the world, and this wonderful country. I see myself as active and enjoying all life has to offer, right up until my last breath on this amazing planet. I always keep my promises. Don Nicholes

Week 3 Master Key Class 2018-19

Reading in week 3,

“When you find that you are really one with the infinite power, and when you can consciously realize this power by a practical demonstration of your ability to overcome any adverse condition by the power of your thought, you will have nothing to fear, fear will have been destroyed and you will have come into possession of your birthright”

It really begins to settle in that, thought is the most powerful force in the universe. So I become more acutely aware of how critical it is to be first aware of what I am thinking and then to decide what I want and consciously focus on those thoughts. It is very liberating, knowing that I can and am choosing to do just that.

I always keep my promises.

Don Nicholes


Week 2 Master Key Class 2018-19

This was a tough week as I ended my traveling for the last 2 weeks. Came home with a bug that knocked me out for 2 days. I am sitting here at the last minute writing this post. I did my best to keep up with the exercises, was about 75 to 80%. Looking forward to a better day tomorrow and finally being able to get on the live webcast Sunday. See you next week.

I always keep my promise.

Don Nicholes

Week 1 2018/19 Master Key Class

Just read my week 1 post from 5 years ago. Feels like it was ages ago and then it seems like it was just yesterday. I feel much more relaxed starting this class.  Maybe it is because I know what to expect. I recall there being times I did not think I was going to get it all done. Now I am feeling excited about really digging in and making the most of the next 26 weeks. I am sitting in a Hotel room as I am traveling for the second weekend of class starting. I brought all my reading and study material, I am committed to honoring the commitment’s to maintain my scholarship. I may have to watch the recorded webcast, like I did last week end on a plane returning home. Technology is amazing these days, we can be at 39,000 feet in the air, traveling at several hundred miles per hour watching a prerecorded webcast on our smart phone. Time to bring this day to an end. See you next week.

I always keep my promises.

Don Nicholes

Week 1 Master Key

Wow starting week one of this 6 month commitment to self-discovery. My old blueprint or what most people know as habits are really doing their best to not let go. I am determined and committed to put them aside. The new blueprint is a bit blurry to me, however I know that one step at time it will reveal itself and become clear to me.


Ok I am sitting here Tue at 11:30 PM working on this blog. I leave for Memphis, Tennessee Thursday morning on a 6:30AM flight, going back there for our Kubota Dealership meetings. This has to be posted before I leave so I can keep my scholarship in tack, and not be asked to join the next class in 3 years from now.  I am committed to completing this 26 week, 6 month course.


O yea I have not done my reading for tonight, as that is done last thing before I turn the light out and go to sleep. I am thinking about how am I going to honor my 3 readings a day and attend meetings, place our pre-season booking orders for next year, get on a flight Saturday arriving back in Portland at 8:30PM drive 2 hours home, do my reading before going to sleep. Wake up Sunday morning do my reading, sit silent for 15 minutes, spend a few hours with Sandy, then leave for the airport in time to be there for Sundays MKMMA webcast, because there will not be enough time for me to participate in the webcast from home and make it to my 4:30PM flight to Oakland, California for another 2 days of dealer meetings. All the while making sure to honor my 3 readings a day, sitting silent for 15 minutes each day.


I will make it through week one, I will honor my commitment to this course of self-discovery and I will reveal the amazing unique talents I have to share with the world. Will you join me in my journey? All though it may be from afar and merely peaking in from my scribbling’s on this blog?


Did I mention the E key on my computer is only working about 1/2 the time.


See you next week.


I always keep my promises.


Don Nicholes